Tenami Capital

Tenami Capital solves for the problem of exits in venture capital by providing non-dilutive, revenue-linked capital to drive high-potential entrepreneurs and businesses.

Founders First
Our approach is based on a vision that capital should serve entrepreneurs and companies to realise their potential. Our investment structure is non-dilutive for founders and ensures everyone is aligned to create a business with sustainable revenues, not unsustainable growth.

Creating Value
We are hand-on investors and consider ourselves as providers of “smart capital”. Our portfolio companies not only benefit from our financial investment, but also the strategic support that our global network of high-net-worth individuals and institutions provide to accelerate their growth.

Experienced Team
Our team has developed a strong track record of successfully establishing and investing in early-stage ventures. We understand the challenges and opportunities associated with building and scaling companies.

Impact Driven
We believe that capital should do more than simply appreciate in financial value. That is why we are building a unique platform that invests in entrepreneurs, companies and countries that are underserved by traditional investors.