About the Company

KCP Capital is an advisory firm and a principal investor focusing on assets in high-growth industries and the emerging markets as well as impact investing.

With its headquarters in Dubai, KCP Capital sits at the juncture of East and West, and leverages its cross-border and cross-cultural expertise to maximize returns.

The KCP team has deep backgrounds in the fields of Telecom, Real Estate, Technology and Retail and have served as Operational Executives, Board Members, Venture Capital Investors and Investment Bankers.

The Team is known to have advised global players in complex Asset Disposals and Acquisitions situations and excels in helping Partners build sustainable businesses.

The KCP team is well versed in each phase of the corporate lifecycle, from the start-up to later stage growth to restructuring and insolvency situations.

Our practice areas are Principal Investments and Professional Advisory services.


Why KCP Capital:

–          Breadth of Experience: Experienced and qualified investment professionals. Our team has decades of experience leading successful restructuring processes for clients.

–          Result driven proven entrepreneurs at your side with a proven track record

–          Our clients are our Partners:

o   We believe in a bespoke holistic approach, providing them with detail orientated and focused care.

o   We are selective in choosing our clients so we can provide a “one stop shop” solution.

o   We focus on building long term successful relationship

–          Client Focused and Boutique approach: Our professionals act fast and apply a custom-tailored approach to ensure each client receives the optimal service for its need.

–          Dynamic structure: flexible resources and goal oriented

–          Culturally diverse team

–          A unique global network of business partners.