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On August 4th, 2020, a massive explosion erupted at Beirut Port killing hundreds, injuring thousands, destroying homes and hospitals and leaving countless citizens without a shelter. Lebanon is a country already ravaged by one of the worst economic crisis in the nation’s history, a huge unemployment rate and food shortages.

As part of our corporate social responsibility, KCP has partnered with a trusted NGO in Beirut, Ajialouna (“Our Generations”) for a donation campaign to support those families affected by the recent unfortunate events in Lebanon.
Founded in 1995, Ajialouna is an NGO engaged in charitable, cultural, social, healthcare and educational programs.
Ajialouna is not associated with any political or religious party in Lebanon and since its establishment, has successfully focused on serving the underprivileged in Beirut with no restrictions based on religious sect or age.
We have known Ajialouna for over 20 years and are confident that your donations will be in good hands with a well-structured and organized NGO run by a highly-educated team of experts, particularly in the aftermath of one of the most detrimental explosions in recent times.

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Bank Name: Blom Bank - Istiklal Branch
Bank Account: 021 02 300 0117481 1 5
Currency: US Dollar
IBAN #: LB55 0014 0000 2102 3000 1174 8115
Swift Code: BLOMLBBX
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