Inclusive Ventures

We now live in a world of conscious capitalism. The disparity between the rich and poor widens daily. The “perfect storm” is about to descend on us (population growth, food scarcity, shortage of clean water, destruction of the environment, etc.) and the Bottom of the Pyramid will be demanding their fair share of the earth’s resources. To address these developments, social impact investing is gaining acceptance, and providing alternatives traditional market forces.

Inclusive Ventures Group (IVG) is an investment platform formed to enable asset owners and managers to participate in the rapidly growing social impact space. An investor club structure, proprietary deal flow network, verticals management and global investment vehicle, with a focus on business model transfer from India to Africa, make up our value proposition. Key activities revolve around fundraising, investment selection and active involvement in managing portfolio companies, including the secondment of employees.

IVG is organized to invest in and manage a nascent but fast growing asset class, to enable investors to participate in a portfolio of global opportunities which generate meaningful financial returns alongside positive social and environmental impact. IVG is a member of GIIN.